Leaving Kawasaki-ku we found our way to Shinjuku. Hoping on the Yamanote line (a train line that runs in a circle) and places like Harajuku, Shibuya and Odaiba are only a few stops away.

Once we finally started taking the Yamanote line we began to really get a feel for Japan. If you plan on visiting make sure you pack light and wear comfortable shoes...YOU WILL DO A LOT OF WALKING!!!! Our first stop in Shinjuku was the hotel and then off to eat. We walked around and got familiar with our new area for the next two weeks and there is always something to do...

Our first few days in Shinjuku we took to get familiar with the area.  The JR station is literally 5 minute walking distance from the hotel we stayed at. Wether walking underground because of the cold or walking the streets.  There was never a shortage of how many people we saw on a daily basis. Japan is a small island with no land to build but that has not stopped them. There are hundreds of UNDERGROUND and yes I mean underground stores, and restaurants. You could spend the whole day underground shopping and walking and have no need to go to ground level. We explored some of the underground stores, even in KAWASAKI-ku we had the opportunity to check a local favorite for breakfast that was underground with our new friends.

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view out of hotel room

switched rooms...different view from hotel room
another SKYLINE
Nice Restaurant walking distance from hotel
Cool Art of Sumari
SAVED THE BEST FOR LAST  1 of 2 SUPRAS seen on the road in JAPAN
chased it a few blocks to get these pics

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