May 6, 2012

AE86 vs. FT86

 At the press of a button and the rumble of an engine the beauty awakes from her sleep.

AE 86 "Hachi Roku"
TOKYO AUTO SALON 2012, the INITIAL D look never gets old

side view "Hachi Roku" AE86
We all know and love the original HACHI ROKU Trueno AE86. Toyota has been working along with Subaru to revive this classic little sports car. The new Toyota FT86 will be sporting a front engine, rear wheel drive set up similar to the classic 86. Unlike the original 86 this new FT86 will not have an inline 4 like the OG. It will be using a Subaru derived 2.0 liter naturally aspirated boxer/flat 4 engine. Toyota is bringing back the 4cyl rear wheel drive platform for a fun and nimble car that will love tearing up the twistes with its light body and low center of gravity. It will definitely stand out from front wheel drive line up Toyota has been offering us since the late 80s. You can choose your FT86 with the choice of 6 speed manual gearbox or 6 speed automatic with paddle shifters. It will
also have limited-slip differential to distribute the power evenly. You can also choose to equip your FT86 with the TRD Performance Line for fully adjustable suspension, big brake kit, aero kit, upgraded exhaust, upgraded wheels, sports meter link system, upgraded sway & strut bars, Member Brace set, direct brake line, brake pads, oil cap, fuel cap, sports air filter, push start switch, HID kit, LED positioning bulb, turn signal bulb, TRD Recaro seats, shift knob, and my personal favorite the door stabilizer. The door stabilizer is for the occasions where you may do some spirited driving, or if your like me a lot of spirited driving! They have upgraded the latching mechanism to reduce flex in the chassis during hard cornering and/or drifting to retain a stable and fun car.

Having seen the unveiling of the FT86 TRD Performance Package at the Tokyo Auto Salon 2012, we fell in love with this car. It really is BADASS don't let the size fool you. This is probably going to be one of the most fun, reliable, and affordable tuner cars in the market. The FT86 was used throughout the entire 2012 Tokyo Auto Salon. Many of the vendors had their own version with their own modifications, to showcase their own twist on this drift machine. UPGarage was using an FT86 in the D1 Drift event during the auto salon. TRD had some mirrors that they placed under the car to showcase the undercarriage of the FT86 and so we could check out her rear end. You can see the craftsmanship of the exhaust and the stabilizer bars and how sick the under body is. Here's a pic see for yourself.

FT86 with mirror to see undercarriage
For the past few years we've been seeing pictures of the concept cars on the internet and many people were saying it was going to be the new supra. Although it has many similar sleek and sexy lines as the Toyota Supra. I wouldn't call it a SUPRA of any sort but maybe a Baby Cousin... Maybe Toyota is testing the sports market and if this goes well maybe they will think about reviving the legendary twin turbo supra.

For you old school 86 lovers out there if you have the budget for a new car and some modifications this may be the car for you. I wouldn't say its going to be the OG 86's competitor but maybe more of a little brother to the classic. If the new ft86 can hold its own against today's super cars much like the Trueno did in its day , then I will have a place in my heart and maybe even a place in my garage for one and a lot less space in my wallet. This car is said to be in the mid 20K price range. Here's some more specs.

Dimensions and Specs :
                                         Length: 163.78 inches
                                         Width: 69.29 inches
                                         Height: 48.19 inches
                                         Wheel Base: 101.18 inches
                                         Subaru derived 2.0L boxer flat 4
                                         Horse Power: 197
                                         Weight: 2600 lb-2760 lb depending 
on equipment
                                         4 pot brakes front
                                         2 pot rear
Stay tuned for more coverage of the Tokyo Auto Salon!

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