March 4, 2013

Toyota I-Road: A car of the Future?

Toyota reveals the I-Road Concept at the 2013 Geneva Show

Toyota's i-Road concept
Toyota's Latest Technology "Active Lean", featured in the I-Road Concept Car.
Toyota has constantly been reviving the market with new styles and platforms for the new vehicle line ups. This time they have attempted to bridge a gap between motorcycles and cars! They have come up with a crazy new 3 wheel concept, the I-Road.

 Toyota's I-Road, features a new technology, the "Active lean''. This latest technology allows the vehicle to automatically balance itself while corning or traveling on rough surfaces.  It also features a "Stability System" which keeps the vehicle at an upright position while driving. The front wheels have the ability to move up or down based off of turns allowing the vehicle to lean. I know I wouldn't mind getting off the bike and into one of these on a rainy day. 

The i-Road concept is essentially an electric three-wheeler
Photo originally posted on: POPSCI
Toyota i-ROAD Concept
Photo originally posted on: Yahoo
 Specs:Measurement: 7.7 ft L X 4.7 ft H X 2.8 ft W
Weight: 660 lbs.
Features:  Active Lean,  Stability System
Max # of Passengers per vehicle: 2
Electric Motor & Battery = 30 miles on charge.
Top Speed: 28 mph

If put into production would you consider purchasing the I-Road?

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