Coverage: V103 & Footaction - Hip Hop Conference at Center Stage

Planet Potency had the opportunity to bring you Exclusive Coverage of the V103 & Footaction - Hip Hop Conference Industry Insider held at Center Stage.

Several of the most Successful Industry Execs, and Artist shared their wisdom to a select group of aspiring Artist, Producers and Future Execs.
V103 / Footaction's  1st Panel from left to right: Jason Jetter, T.I., 2 Chainz, Chaka Zulu, Jennifer Drake, Saalam Remy, and Bu.
 This select panel of Industry Heavyweights discussed the importance of staying on top of your game.  T.I. spoke about determination and being willing to miss sleep for work and not complain about it.  No one becomes a Star overnight. He also mentioned the willingness to WORK with personal differences aside. For example he spoke about issues in his early career with DTP, but that did not stop him from considering any profitable opportunities presented by Chaka Zulu at the time. Simply put when there's money on the table you must weigh all options, regardless of issues.
Jennifer Drake of ASCAP highlighted the significance of Publishing, understanding how it works, how it affects your career and shed some light on the copyrighting process and how this is a must for any Artist to protect their music and rights. The question of signing contracts was brought up by the Audience, T.I. explained that no one can force you into a contract or hang you off a balcony to make you sign it, those days are gone. You must do your research and hire the proper counsel if necessary and make sure you are aware of what you are signing. It's just as bad to ask for too much as it is to not ask at all. A&R rep Bu (Akon's brother), explained how you must be honest to yourself. Sometimes being a Rapper isn't for everyone and you must "Find your Core and Excite it." He explained how he wanted to be "COOL" and be in videos, but realized his work was better when behind the scenes. Don't just chase what you think is cool, instead follow your true passion.
The 2nd Panel from left to right: Deb Anthony (Mizay Ent.), George Hamilton, Buttah Man, Michael Mauldin
In this panel the Executives discussed the usefulness of Networking, Social Media and Branding. Get your name out there and showcase your Work via footwork, Social Media and the internet. Buttah Man spoke of the importance of utilizing Social Media and how in this new age you can create a fan base without leaving your Mom's basement. He explained how this is a free way to advertise your work to the masses and how to use this tool to your advantage to stir up a following. Instead of wasting money on flyers and t-shirts too soon, he advised to put that time and effort into Social Media. They also elaborated on how Social Media can be a job on its own, and requires just as much time and diligence as your recording career, sometimes 24/7. Buttah Man also spoke on how with the new age everyone is listening to Music digitally on MP3 players and on IPods, so sometimes handing CD's out isn't the best way to get your music heard, GET YOUR MUSIC ESTABLISHED ON THE WEB.

 Deb Anthony (mother of Waka Flocka and Mizay Ent CEO)  spoke about the value of having your work available on the internet and how nowadays when you tell someone your doing something the first thing they do is Google you, to check out you and your work. If they can't access your work online in the era of the internet, it's gonna be ON TO THE NEXT ONE....and you may miss your opportunity. 

George Hamilton explained how there's a time and place to get your music into the hands of these execs. Don't run up on them while they are out at dinner, instead set up an appointment to have a meeting with them during business hours. This separates the professionals from the amateurs. Sometimes it's better for them to find you rather than you finding them, once again Social Media plays a strong role in this. Stir up a buzz online to make these executives come and find you.
Deb Anthony elaborated on how today there are too many wannabe CEO's and not enough Artist.  You cannot ask these people for help if you feel you are bigger than them. KNOW YOUR ROLE!
The 3rd Panel from left to right: Lil Ronnie, Rico Love, Drumma Boy, Sean Garrett, DJ Toomp, Mike Will Made It
The last group of panelist The Producers including Lil Ronnie, Rico Love, Drumma Boy, Sean Garrett, DJ Toomp,  and Mike Will Made It, discussed Artist and Producer relationships. The difference between artist and producers and the difference between beat makers and producers. Everyone wants to be labeled as a producer. Sean Garrett explained what being a Producer means to him. He creates music from scratch, from the melody, to the hook, to the bass drops, etc. This requires a deeper sense of Music than just what reaches the ear.

Drumma Boy spoke on how as new artist and producers you MUST pay Homage to those before you. Especially when you come to Atlanta to network your music and you may feel entitled to something, this is not the case you must respect those before you, who have paved the way. Having a good artist/producer relationship will boost both of your careers. Keep the Drama at home and be ready to work.

Rico Love mentioned that willingness to work is essential. For example his current Grammy winning producer started off as an intern, cleaning up the studio, and ordering food and knowing what food they had enjoyed or complained about and keeping track of that. This showed Rico this man is serious about his work, and if he is serious about getting Rico's food order correct, he must be serious about his true passion which was producing music. Thus an opportunity arose. Determination,  right place, right time and a couple Grammy's later you won't catch him running food anymore. Everyone has to start at the bottom of the ladder and prove themselves worthy enough to climb to the top.
Many Artist come into the game with little to no knowledge of how the industry works. Getting a check for working is one thing but covering all your bases and publishing is another. The Music Industry is nothing like a corporate job yet it is everything like a corporate job. You are responsible for your pay at the end of the day. No record label wants to sign a lazy Artist whom they will have to build. Work does not stop when the contract gets signed. The amount of hustle you put in determines the amount pay you receive and this will also determine the willingness of the label to push your career further. One hand washes the other, and you must work for them, for them to work for you.  One Key note to always remember BE PREPARED, BE ON TIME and ALWAYS BE WILLING TO WORK  100% regardless of conditions.
Thanks again to V103, Footaction, and Metro-PCS for hosting this event and Inviting us. It was a potent knowledge packed session that we recommend to catch next time, if you missed it this time around. It was great hearing advice from these successful industry insiders and a great opportunity to network with the new generation of artist, producers, bloggers, and more.

Here's a few more pics for those missed the V103 / Footaction Hip Hop Conference.

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Star Shay Johnson at the V103 /Footaction Hip Hop Conference
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Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Star Shay Johnson

 Jason Jetter, T.I. and 2 Chainz sharing knowledge at the V103/ Footaction Hip Hop Conference

 Buttah Man telling you to check him out at  #allthingsbuttah
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 BIG TIGGER hosting the V103/Footaction - Hip Hop Conference    
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Upcoming Artist Sy Ari Da kid

 Host DJ GREG STREET live on air from the V103/ Footaction- Hip Hop Conference
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T.I., 2 Chainz and the young man who gave T.I this family portrait he made from the show  T.I. and Tiny: The Family Hustle which airs Monday nights at 10pm on VH1.

 The King of the South T.I.

 The Executives Panel: Deb Anthony (Mizay Entertainment), George Hamilton, Buttah Man, and Michael Mauldin

 Mike Will asking MC LYTE about females in the industry

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