October 22, 2014

International Feature: MACREX in Australia

This month we head out to Australia where MACREX sets the bar for the Subaru Community.

Unity in the Automotive Community derives from the passion we all share for our rides. Thats what we saw in Macrex, a group of individuals who are as passionate about the Automotive Industry as we are.

What is MACREX?  
Macrex is a group of Subaru Enthusiast originating in Australia, with over 750+ members and continuing to grow daily. They hold local Meets, Fundraisers and Cruises with other local clubs and regularly feature member's rides on their site www.Macrex.net
Their rides have been featured in various magazines including Hot 4's, Performace Garage & more.

Check out some of their rides below. 
Photo Credit: RJ Photography 

Click the slideshow for more pictures.

VIDEO: MacRex BBQ at Ichiban Imports - created by Differential Studios also a member of  MACREX.

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Do you own a WRX, Impreza, BRZ, Forester, Liberty or other Subaru model? Click on the links below for more information about MACREX.

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Special Thanks to Macrex and their members. All photo Credit belongs to Macrex and members. Video Credit belongs to Differential Studios.