January 19, 2015

Artist Feature: Frank Willis

"The Mayor Of Rap"
Frank Willis was born on February 27th, 1988 to Arnold and Eliza Smith in Florence, South Carolina. As the middle child of three in his household, Frank experienced a level of normalcy amidst the negativity and poverty that surrounded his southern upbringing. After the loss of his grandmother and the separation of his parents, Frank’s mother moved her children around in search of better means for their livelihood. During this time, his friends changed and his habits became less reputable, often causing trouble for a teenage boy looking constantly for direction. However, this drama helped Frank to realize that his life was destined for more than a life of crime and vagrancy. It was then that Frank turned to music. 
Frank’s parents often listened to a variety of music, including Jazz, which was the musical soundtrack to his life. However, while growing up, his friends often listened to the music of the day—hip hop. Initially, he could not stand the sound of it, until he truly developed an ear for more lyrical artists like A Tribe Called Quest, Common, Nas, Outkast, Jay-Z and Gangstarr. He realized the power of the message and the influence this genre of music had on his generation; hip-hop was the perfect music to outline his focus and express his identity.
Frank Willis’ rapping style reflects consciousness with an edge. It acknowledges the hurdles that consistently play a part of life, while exploring solutions through creating self-confidence and determination. These lessons were instilled through the loss of his mother, helping him to understand that life is precious and should be filled with progressive and worthwhile projects. His lyrics demonstrate that cleverness, talent, and creativity will always be more valuable than empty and boastful claims to fame. His entrepreneurial ambition was fostered by reading the book “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill. He has utilized many of these strategies in order to climb the ladder of success in the musical world. 
Through his life experiences, Frank Willis has since learned the importance of giving back. His future endeavors include helping underprivileged youth through inspiring them to go after their dreams and aid them in accomplishing their goals by creating a talent agency. He also has plans to continue to create and promote his record label, Under Dog Music Group, to improve and mentor developing artists. Frank Willis’ personal philosophy is simple: “We live in a time where not only hip hop, but all genres of music have taken a decline in talent. A lot of artists are encouraged to compromise their craft for the quick dollar. I focus on giving the world my best by growing and staying consistent, not only as an artist, but as a businessman.” By this standard, Frank Willis’ name will be added to the list of noteworthy artists of our time.

By Jasmine A. Moore 
The Man, Artist, Visionary
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