Kodak Arrested on Instagram LIVE! Asking police to fingerprint the evidence.

Is that snitching or nah?

Kodak Black has once again been arrested in Florida. This time sources say Kodak was at his home on Instagram LIVE when the police kicked in the door to arrest him. In the process of capturing Kodak they said they found multiple firearms in his safe and marijuana being consumed. Allegedly there was an infant child present and this is what’s causing him trouble. Now Kodak is begging from jail for the firearms to be fingerprinted to prove they do not belong to him. Nobody else in the home has stepped forward to claim the weapons. Sources say the Florida native recently got caught up in some rap Beef with Kolyon , another Florida rapper. People are speculating that maybe a rap Beef had a hand in who notified the police of what was going on Kodak’s Live stream. The Charges range from child neglect, grand theft of a firearm, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon and marijuana. We want to know, since Kodak is calling to fingerprint the weapons, what happens if one of his family members prints show up on the firearm? Is that considered #snitching ? Follow us for more @planetpotency